Lochranza Golf is an undoubtedly stunning course: look up and you see the Sleeping Warrior skyline; look out to 13th-century Lochranza Castle and the sparkly turquoise waters of the Kilbrannan Sound. The course is an 11-hole pitch and putt designed to be fun for families and people with little experience. But it also provides a challenge for seasoned golfers who want to practise their technique. 

Since the start of the season, Lochranza greenkeeper Jeff has been busy tending to the course, filling in rivets and unfilling holes, all while keeping the grass in the best possible condition - not an easy task as he works around the local black-faced hill sheep, which graze on the course until the end of May. He's also opened up the putting green: on a sunny evening, when it bathes in golden light, it's a glorious spot.

Here, we sit down with Jeff to discuss the ins and outs of the course, why he thinks Lochranza Golf is in a league of its own, and how the course's new pricing is opening up more options.

What can visitors expect from Lochranza Golf?

Lochranza Golf is an exceptional 11-hole par 3 course with the option to play as pitch and putt. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking, with a vast array of wildlife. The course is frequented by the Arran red deer, and there are newborn lambs bouncing around until the beginning of May, when they leave for the hillsides. I find it startling that you can be playing golf in our modern world and looking out at a castle built in the 1200s - that's the view from the course's 'sea field', where you'll find holes 6 and 7, one of the prettiest parts of the course. 

What do you enjoy most about the course and why?

Being a par 3 course makes each hole easily navigable and an excellent opportunity for well seasoned golfers to perfect their small irons. I myself have played golf since a young age - albeit not to a high standard! - and I see Lochranza as another unique course on Arran. I've played a lot of courses on the west coast of Scotland, and I believe its standard is on a par with many others. Considering it is a pitch and putt course, it exceeds expectations, and we have a number of returning players.  

Is the course suitable for children and/or people who have never played golf before?

It is a smaller course (it takes anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes), and this enables both adults and children of all standards to participate as a family, working up an appetite before they go for their evening meal! Also, being an informal course, there is no dress code and you don't need any special footwear. You also don't need to bring your own golf clubs as we supply everything to get you going. 

The putting green is new for this year. What can people get out of a round? 

Our bespoke 18-hole putting green is situated at the top of the golf course, overlooked by Torr Nead an Eoin, and it's a beautiful spot on a sunny evening. Lots of people have already said that it is of a high standard and excellent value for money. It only costs £10 for a family of four. It's always a great competition between kids and their parents!

How long has there been a golf course in Lochranza? And why is it shared with the sheep?

The golf course opened on 6th June 1899 and it is an institution in the village. In the Second World War it was used as a camp for commando training, while the golf pavilion, now the Stags Pavilion Restaurant, was used by the commandos as a tea hut. The golf course benefits from the close grazing and fertilising by the blackface sheep, which were introduced after the Clearances and still come onto the golf course for tupping in early November, remaining there until after lambing in April.

How much does it cost?

We have fully revised our pricing for 2023 to offer different options for different needs. You can choose to play 11 or 18 holes, to play as a family, to book a weekly pass, or to just practise putting. You can find all our prices here